38 companies in DACH/US and AUS have worked with us, including:

The harsh truth - you are missing out on 97% of your target audience

You need to increase pipeline and drive sales to hity our short term goals - we totally get it.

But the reality is: Only 3% of your target market is ready to buy at any given time.

You most likely don't know who they are. And even if you did, nobody wants to feel “sold to”.

Think of yourself: Do you prefer doing your own research, or would you rather be contacted by a salesperson?

To close this gap between supply (your product) and demand (audience desires), you need to get in front of the right buyers, make them an irresistible offer and continually optimize that system.

This is where Demandgap comes in.

We are here to fix what is broken with B2B performance marketing

The Old Way

Throw money at DSP's & agencies

After working with 37 B2B customers in two years the initial story is always the same. They spend a good amount of money on agencies, Google and LinkedIn. But it is in no relation to the amount of customers. The main reasons are:
The Agency model is broken: After working for two years in an agency, we noticed four main problems with agencies. These are 1) you don't know who's actually doing the work, 2) you're paying for all the staff while only working with one or two of them, and 3) you're dealing with jack-of-all-trades agencies that offer every marketing service under the sun but ultimately lack deep expertise. And 4) if you're not one of their high paying clients, you're put on autopilot as they have hundreds of other clients to look after.
Tracking the wrong KPIs: Many B2B companies focus on leads instead of pipeline as their primary KPI, hoping that leads will somehow magically turn into customers after being sent a 3-step email sequence.
Lack of alignment between marketing and sales: Marketing's job is to make sales' job easier. The lack of this team effort often leads to sales blaming marketing for generating the wrong leads and marketing blaming sales for not converting the leads.
Thinking Google & LinkedIn reps are selfless, disrespecting the B2B buying process, treating every channel the same, and more.
The New Way

Expand your team with external experts

That is why at Demandgap we take a different approach and see ourselfs as an addition to your team to help you hit your monthly pipeline targets. The main reasons for working with us are:
Limited number of clients: When you work with us, you are not an invoice number, but 1/15 of the companies we do our best to help scale their business with performance marketing.
Radical focus on B2B performance marketing: Nothing more - nothing less.
Track the KPIs that drive your business: Qualified trials, pipeline generated, opportunities, deals closed. Whatever metric you use to measure your marketing success, we work towards it.
Looking beyond the ad platform: Although our work is focused on performance marketing, we look at everything that impacts it. From marketing and sales alignment to landing pages, nurturing sequences, positioning and messaging.
Educate you to do it on your own: This may seem a little counterintuitive. But we believe that as a client, you should only stay because you value the partnership. Not for gatekeeping knowledge.
Radically transparent pricing: 150€ (excl. VAT) hourly rate for each client with a time tracking sheet for reference at the end of the month.

What makes us different (honest version)

Placing ads is the easy part, but where does the impact come from and what levers do you need to pull? You can build this expertise in-house. You can work with an agency or freelancers.
Or you can work with us.





High, salary, benefits, non-wage costs
Moderate, in-transparent, overhead costs
Low to moderate, transparent, no hidden fees
Moderate, transparent, no hidden fees, 150€/hour
Ressource allocation
High, recruitment, ongoing training and management
Moderate, requires some supervision and collaboration
Low, work independently, coordinate work and communication
Moderate, work independently, extension of team
Dependent on the level of seniority, may need additional training
Broader, but unfocused range of skills (”Jack of all trades”)
Specific expertise, but limited to their niche
8 years of experience in B2B performance marketing for SaaS in DACH/US/AUS market
High, fully integrated into your company
Low, have own processes, priorities and goals
Moderate, work independently but need guidance to align with company goals
Moderate, work independently but in alignment with company goals
Low, changes such as training or re-hiring are time consuming
Moderate, adjust relationship based on contract and terms
High, terminate contract as needed with minimal impact on operations
High, terminate contract as needed with minimal impact on operations
Low to moderate, depends on team size, workload and expertise. Restricted by internal structure
Moderate, having multiple clients affects responsiveness and turnaround time
Fast, can start immediately, focus on specific tasks
Fast, can start immediately, focus on specific tasks
High, part of organization and directly accountable
Moderate, have reputation to maintain but are less dependent on you as a client due to high amount of clients
Low to moderate, depends on commitment and professionalism
High, company goals become shared goals
High, fully aligned with culture and processes
Low, have own processes and priorities
Low, little alignment with company goals
High, fully aligned with company goals
Long-term commitment
High, advance in their career path within your company
Moderate, contracts with set duration, quality of work declines with time
Low, hired on a project basis for a limited time
High, “done with you” approach with the goal of building a long-term relationship
Knowledge transfer
High, employees learn from each other, culture of continuous learning
Low, provide insights and recommendation but do not actively teach or train, since this might loose them you as a client
Low, deliver a specific task without incentive to share knowledge
Moderate, not as evolved as an in house role but determined to educate you to a point where you can run everything on your own

Our core services

We don't hide behind words that sound smart but at the end of the day say nothing. When you work with us you know exactly what you get.

LinkedIn Ads Management

Go beyond "lead generation" and use LinkedIn's advanced targeting capabilities to educate and convert users who fit your ideal customer profile.

After defining your audience, value proposition and ad creatives, we help you set up campaigns that create pipelines, improve close rates and accelerate pipeline velocity.

Before: 42% ROAS ($16.362 Spent - CHF 6.928 Pipeline)
After: 223% ROAS ($14.927 Spent - CHF 33.356 Pipeline)

Google & Bing Ads Management

Get the ideal ad account setup that combines granularity with scalability to capture high-intent, bottom of the funnel traffic.

After identifying the right keywords, value propositions and ad copy, we help you show up for the searches that matter most to your business.

Before: 5 Opportunities Closed Won (Q2 2022)
After: 44 Opportunities Closed Won (Q4 2022)

Hubspot Intelligence

Marketing attribution is fundamentally flawed.

It is designed to capture demand from Google, Meta & Co to 'justify' spend and get more budget.

Companies need to look beyond tool-based attribution and combine quantitative and qualitative insights to inform their strategy.

Just because podcasts don't show up in your CRM sources doesn't mean they do not influence pipeline.
Once we understand your KPIs, funnel stages and pipeline sources, we build reports that help you see at a glance the effectiveness of our demand generation activities.

We are an ideal fit for companies with ...

Series A-D funding or corporate status
DACH/US/AUS market focus
Avg. CLTV $8.000+
Monthly ads budget $3.000+ per channel
Demand generation GTM strategy
Existing marketing team (CMO, content, social media)
Internal graphic & web design capabilities
Website visitior identification tools
Hubspot or SalesForce CRM

We've worked with some of the best people in the business and helped them reach

5.17 Mio €*
Yearly managed Linkedn & Google Ads Budget
Date: Apr 2024
22.38 Mio €*
Yearly marketing-attributed pipeline generated
Date: Apr 2024

Reviews from 95 sessions on B2B marketing on Growth Mentor

Here are the reasons why B2B companies come to us in the first place

Identify blindspots

You run Google and/or LinkedIn ads in-house and want to identify areas for improvement through an in-depth audit from an external perspective.

Fix resource bottleneck

Your in-house resources are stretched thin. We manage your Google and/or LinkedIn advertising campaigns, allowing your team to focus on what they do best.

Launch with confidence

You want the best possible LinkedIn and/or Google Ads setup & management to achieve your pipeline goals based on your industry and budget.

Switch from an agency

You want to manage your LinkedIn and/or Google Ads account in-house and train someone in your team to take on the role of PPC manager.

Here is why companies choose to work with us (apart from the results)

Speedy onboarding process

From first call to kickoff, to campaigns started in 3-4 weeks.

Structured approach

Pre-existing LinkedIn & Google Ads SOPs, Hubspot dashboards & documented learnings.

No-bs personalization

We dig deep into your business and target audience to tailor campaigns & reporting to your business. This is why we limit the number of clients we work with.

Low effort for you

Detailed creative briefings, easy-to-digest reports, 8+ years of experience ensure you get results without the hassle.

Knowledge transfer

We continiously educate ourselves on ad channels & B2B marketing best practices which we share in regular conversations.


We are not just there to "push buttons". We spar with you on your strategy, suggesting directions to take and mistakes to avoid.

By starting to work with us you can finally go from:

We need to 2-3X our growth and don’t know how to prioritize investments with the best ROI
We get pressure from leadership and sales to drive more “leads” resulting in focusing on short term initiatives that the marketing team doesn’t believe in
We are spending money on paid advertising but we don’t know if it is working
We know to prioritize our investments in different channels and the return we can expect
We have the buy-in from leadership and sales on our GTM strategy and have a healthy balance between short and long term results
We are spending money on Google and LinkedIn ads and see the results in pipeline

Start getting the "performance" from performance marketing

In this 30 minute call you can get to know us, see how our brains work and find out if we are a fit for each other.

Frequently asked questions in meetings

What services are you (not) offering?

We specialise in setting up LinkedIn & Google Ads campaigns and structuring Hubspot reports. We also offer advice on email nurturing, marketing & sales alignment, CRO, web tracking & SEO

We do not offer creative (video/image ads) or landing page creation.

What results can I expect from working with you?

The results depend on various factors that need to be discussed during a call. But on average, clients see an ROI of 363% using our services (marketing attributed revenue/agency + media budget fee).

How does Demandgap's process "actually" work?

Any agency or freelancer who tells you they have found the "secret formula" is bullshitting you.

Everyone has the same tools.

What makes our process different is that we combine the benefits of an in-house team with the benefits of external freelancers. This, plus a limited number of clients and 100% dedication to each one, makes the difference.

What is the minimum ad spend required?

A general answer will be inaccurate, as it depends on on your goals, market, industry, channels and brand maturity.

However, as a rule of thumb, we recommend monthly budgets of:

LinkedIn Ads: $3.000 (minimum) with an audience of 80.000 (60.000 active audience size x $1.25 per 1.000 people)

Google Ads: $4.000 (minimum) with an average CPC of 10$, visitor to demo of 5%, demo to close of 10%, target customers per month of 2 and an acceptable CAC of $2.000

How long does it take until I can see results?

Scenario 1: You have enough existing website traffic (other paid/organic channels) that converts to leads (~5%) and the leads convert to customers (10%). In this scenario we can start running remarketing ads and see a positive ROI in 30-60 days.

Scenario 2: You have low existing website traffic (other paid/organic channels) that converts to leads (~5%) and the leads convert to customers (~10%). In this scenario we would set up prospecting and remarketing ads to get ramp up cold traffic and funnel that into retargeting and get a positive ROI within 90 days.

Scenario 3: You have low existing website traffic (other paid/organic channels) that is converting poorly to leads (~1%) and the leads are converting poorly to customers (~1%). In this scenario, we would recommend not using LinkedIn ads at this time and focus on generating more organic traffic and improving funnel metrics.

Are my competitors also working with you? I do not want to disclose insights.

Our clients enjoy cross-industry exclusivity. Your competitors are not allowed to work with us during this time, and we agree to extremely strict non-disclosure agreements (NDAs).

Do you offer white-label services?

Yes, you can also white-label our LinkedIn & Google Ads services and offer them to your clients under your brand.