Some of the results we delivered to our clients

Our clients start to see the first results in between 1 and 3 months.

LinkedIn Ads Management

Case 1: Generated 363 conversions (demo requests+ self signup) in 18 months,with an average close rate of 22% and an average CLTV of 4.100€, resulting in 329,922€ in revenue and a ROAS of 270%.

Case 2:
Established LinkedIn ads as the #1driver for HIRO (high-intent revenue opportunities), even outperforming outbound sales in terms of absolute numbers.

Google & Bing Ads Management

Case 1: Increased monthly generated inbound pipeline from 0 to a 4 month average of 79.186

Case 2:
Generated 41 SQLs in 4 months, closing at 39% with an average CLTV of 12.000€, resulting in 191.603€ in revenue and a ROAS of 510%.

We have clients from industries such as

Real Estate
HR Tech & Consulting
Digital Transformation
Software development
Marketing agencies
Our clients seen an their first results in between 1-3 months.

People behind Demandgap

Christoph Schachner

Headed a 12-person operations team at a marketing agency, managed B2B marketing for a job board & teaches Content Marketing at universities.

- LinkedIn Ads
- Google Ads
- Hubspot

Valentin Schulz

Oversaw the performance marketing teams at coroprates, managing 5m+ annual budgets with international teams across corporates and start-ups in the DACH region.

- LinkedIn Ads
- Google Ads
- Hubspot
- Email Marketing

Start getting the "performance" from performance marketing

In this 30 minute call you can get to know us, see how our brains work and find out if we are a fit for each other.

Frequently asked questions in meetings

What services are you (not) offering?

We specialise in setting up LinkedIn & Google Ads campaigns and structuring Hubspot reports. We also offer advice on email nurturing, marketing & sales alignment, CRO, web tracking & SEO

We do not offer creative (video/image ads) or landing page creation.

What results can I expect from working with you?

The results depend on various factors that need to be discussed during a call. But on average, clients see an ROI of 363% using our services (marketing attributed revenue/agency + media budget feed)

How does Demandgap's process work?

After booking a call,Any agency or freelancer who tells you they have found the "secret formula" is bullshitting you.

Everyone has the same tools.

What makes our process different is that we combine the benefits of an in-house team with the benefits of external freelancers. This, plus a limited number of clients and 100% dedication to each one, makes the difference.

What is the minimum ad spend required?

Every general answer will be in-accurate, because this depends on on your goals, market, industry, channels and brand maturity.

However, as a rule of thumb, we recommend monthly budgets of:

LinkedIn Ads: $3.000 (minimum) with an audience of 80.000 (60.000 active audience size x 1.25$ per 1.000 people)

Google Ads: $4.000 (minimum) with an avg. CPC of 10$, visitor to demo of 5%, demo to close of 10%, target customers per month of 2 and an acceptable CAC of $2.000

How long does it take until I can see results?

Scenario 1: You have enough existing website traffic (other paid/organic channels) that is converting to leads (~5%) and the leads convert to customers (10%). In this scenario we can start running remarketing ads and see a positive ROI in 30-60 days.

Scenario 2: You have low existing website traffic (other paid/organic channels) that is converting to leads (~5%) and the leads convert to customers (~10%). In this scenario we set up prospecting and remarketing ads to get ramp up cold traffic and funnel that into retargeting and get a positive ROI within 90 days.

Scenario 3: You have low existing website traffic (other paid/organic channels) that is converting poorly to leads (~1%) and leads convert poorlty to customers (~1%). In this scenario we would suggest not using LinkedIn ads at the moment and focus on generating more organic traffic and improving funnel metrics.

Are my competitors also working with you? I do not want to disclose insights.

Our clients enjoy cross-industry exclusivity. Your competitors cannot work with us during this time and we agree on extreme levels of non-disclosure agreements (NDA's).

Do you offer white-label services?

Yes you can also white-label our LinkedIn & Google Ads services and start offering them to your clients under your brand.